Rogaining: description, types and rules.


Rogaining: description, types and rules.

Rogaining: description, types and rules.

Rogaining is a great opportunity for team sports activity, even for those people who do not have professional training and outstanding physical characteristics. The main essence of the game is to move over rough terrain, according to the previously developed tactics.

What it is?

Rogaining is a sport that essentially focuses on orienteering on rough terrain. Working as a team, participants visit a series of checkpoints, trying to meet as little time as possible. At the stage of preparation, the participants think over the strategy of moving along the route and tactics of joint actions. Each point gives participants the opportunity to score points.

By the way, you can visit them in any order, which is also determined at the preparatory stage during the study of the map.

Despite the fact that rogaining classes still require a little physical preparation, anyone can take part. It will be enough just to study the rules, read articles about preparation, and also understand how tactics are worked out. The first thing a team arrives for rogaining is to register and receive a starter kit.

Further, as a rule, she receives a map, if necessary, seals the document and begins to form her route.

After changing clothes for the weather and listening to the briefing, you can go to the start.

History of origin.

Rogaining appeared in Australia in 1976, so it is considered a relatively young discipline. The sport got its name thanks to the combination of the first letters of the name of the three founders – ordinary people whose hobby was hiking.

The game quickly gained popularity and received financial support, and after 4 years the Rogaining Association included more than a thousand participants. In 1989, the International Rogaining Federation was founded. In 2012, the official Rogaining Federation began to function in Russia, although Russians got acquainted with this sport back in 1997, thanks to a resident of Perm.


Rogaining is a young discipline that continues to evolve, so it’s no surprise that new varieties of the sport are emerging. Currently, it is customary to distinguish two classifications of rogaining.

The first implies separation according to the duration of the continuation of the distance. There are four main types: the first is routes, the passage of which takes from 3 to 5 hours, and therefore they are short. The second type combines distances that will take from 6 to 11 hours – this is the average. Long distances require participants from 12 to 23 hours of free time.

Finally, the passage of the classic distance will take exactly one day.

The second classification is based on differing modes of movement. Participants can ride a bike, run ski or move using a classic run. It is not forbidden to combine several methods or even introduce new ones.

For example, it can be a water rogaine with kayaks or a variation for the elderly that involves the use of Nordic walking.

Equipment and equipment of teams.

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